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About Us, Nep Thach

My name is Nep Thach, and I have been a Meetup organiser for some time, taken a year or so off. I have been taking people out and exploring our gorgeous Melbourne regions with people from all walks of life.

I have recently started getting back into Meetup, and I am also a wine tour operator which I provide private wine tours to the Yarra Valley, Bellarine and Morning Peninsula, all within a 1-2 hours driving distance.

I came up with this idea of getting people together for people who are singles looking to meet each other via Zoom and get together by doing activities like wine tours and adventures. This website is for people to meet as a group with a theme where we see each other via video and not fake profiles on dating sites.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email [hello at] or message me via my Meetup group, Facebook, Linkedin and even YouTube, as seen below.


My social profiles are below.

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With dating sites, you could be spending too many hours and months talking to someone who is not real, playing games where you don’t even meet and see in person. With my Zoom Date Night, we get to meet people and see them for who they are, and if you like someone, you can connect and go from there.

Early Stage of Zoom Date Night

We need people to register so when we get enough people, let’s say 6 males and females, we then look at organise the time for our first date night. I recommend that you please put your name down and I can contact you via email/phone to keep you posted about the upcoming event.

Nep Thach Zoom Date

Abit More About Me

I am a father of two young boys; one is 2.5 years, and the other is 5 months old. I am currently working for myself on various small businesses such as digital marketing, flying a drone and doing lawn mowing. 

I started a journey into health and wellbeing with my 365 days challenge to create good daily habits in areas of my life. One of them is getting up in the morning and putting in exercise; that’s 10 minutes morning Yoga with Kassandra and then a 5-6 minute ab workout, as you can see on my YouTube channel. 

I am training towards my first 50K ultramarathon, and as I am writing this up, I am on week 7 of my running towards this goal later in March 202. I do one long run per week and the rest of the rest getting the volume up with 10K here and there plus one session on the bicycle on rest day.